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"I have tried most brands of vitamins and herbs. Tangut supplements have a stronger, more potent effect."

- Paul Jackle, Appraiser


Elda Silva Testimonial on Sea Berry CardioMed      

Sea Berry CardioMed

"My mom suffers from high blood pressure since 1999. I discovered Sea Berry CardioMed and bought it for her. She took two gels a day for a few weeks and let me know that she definitely feels the difference. This is the news I have been waiting for. I am so happy that she is better!"

                        Actress Tina Jordan and Sea Berry Essence       

Sea Berry Essence

"Dear Tangut, thank you for helping me look and feel good from the inside out!

- With love, Tina Jordan."


Elda Silva, LEED AP Architect


Tina Jordan, Model & Actress



Olga Testimonial on Resvene  


"Since using Tangut's Resvene, my skin and hair have both improved dramatically. I am very pleased with the results and benefits of Resvene. As a master stylist, I recommend it to all my clients and friends. I find that the difference is in the quality of Tangut  ingredients. I love it!"


        Ariana Varela, Miss Asia USA with Resvene   Ariana Varela, Miss Asia USA with Resvene

Olga Loera, Master Stylist


Ariana Varela, Miss Asia USA